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Ford Motor Company The Song Comes - 1637 Words

When I think of Ford Motor Company the song comes in my mind, Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down, you been running all over the town now, I guess I have to put your flat feet on the ground, all you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride. A good looking man is driven a red convertible mustang with a woman riding on the passenger side with a white scarf on her head as well as the lady is wearing a red satin top along with having on plan make-up with candy apple red lipstick to bring out her lip with the color of the car. Ford Motor Company is an American made car automobile manufacturer in the world. Ford was founded by Henry Ford, on June 16, 1903. Their headquarters are located in Dearborn, Michigan, the†¦show more content†¦Prior to implementing the One Ford mission statement, the company now focuses on creating consistency in product and service design and quality globally. The mission statement emphasizes teamwork to achieve synergy at For d. The One Plan and One Goal components improve business performance and achieve the global leadership point in the company’s vision statement. (Bartkus, 2006) Ford Motor Company is the world’s fifth largest automobile maker based on vehicle sales. Ford Motor Company exercise the Five Forces analysis. Michael Porter developed the Five Forces analysis model for analyzing the external factors in firms’ industry environments. Ford obligation is to enroot policies and approaches that reciprocate the most convincing forces based on the company’s external factors in the global automotive industry. Considering competition is the most compelling external force in the automotive industry environment. Ford watched their strong and moderate force see what area they need to pinpoint work in. The Competitive rivalry was their strong force, bargaining power of buyers or customers, bargaining power of suppliers and threat of substitutes was their moderate force and last threat of new entrants or new entry was their weak force. After gathering the information Ford result of the Five Forces analysis shows that competition

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V. Purchaser And Buyer Relationships Essay - 896 Words

V. Purchaser and Buyer Relationships in Just In Time Systems A just-in-time system can only exist in an atmosphere where suppliers are reliable and will work to minimize the risk of not having the needed input of production (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 1995). A just-in-time system puts increased stress on both the supplier and purchaser in the course of its implementation and places the purchaser at the mercy of its key suppliers, meaning the supplier must never be wrong in terms of quantity or quality (Karlsson Norr, 1994). Optimally a supplier themselves will be on or working towards a just-in-time system themselves, but this is not always possible (Fallon Browne, 1988). To allow the supplier to accomplish the massive feat mentioned above there are three required elements that must be present: clear communications, close proximity, and close relationships. For a successful just-in-time system to occur the communications between the supplier and purchaser should be clear and unambiguous (Epps, 1995). Traditional just-in-time philosophy also implies that a supplier should be located geographically close to the purchaser though some studies show this is not required if the parties can find other ways to compensate for the geographic distance (Manna, 2008; Karlsson Norr, 1994; Keller Kazazi, 1993). The relationship between purchaser and supplier in a just-in-time program must be one of respect and trust where the supplier is involved in the process and aShow MoreRelatedPlacido Engine Company Essay791 Words   |  4 Pagescorrosion process that may ultimately scrap parts. The cost incurred for the rework will be passed on to the supplier, along with ne gative quality ratings. A disadvantage for this possible solution would be acquiring short-term relationship with the suppliers or end of relationship due to high costs and high expectations. Perhaps Placido would have to find other suppliers that will meet the demands for a low cost, that would be an advantage for the company. b) Another alternative should be usingRead MorePorters Five Model Force in Global Planning1158 Words   |  5 Pagescompany coming from abroad. III. Buyer power The power of buyers is the impact that customers have on a producing industry. In case of monopsony the buyer determines the price. Buyers are powerful if: 1-buyers are concentrated 2- buyers purchase a significant proportion of output- distribution of purchases or if the product is standardized. 3- Buyers possess a credible backward integration threat-can threaten to buy producing firm or rival. Buyers are weak if: 1- Producers threatenRead MoreSale of Goods Act2514 Words   |  11 PagesCase Study 1 Question 1 Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, A contract of Sale is a contract where a seller transfers or agrees to transfer goods or a service to a buyer for money, in the course of a business. The transfer must be for money, barter or exchange are not covered. The Act covers sales and agreements to sell. QuestionRead MoreQuestions On Australian Contract Law1984 Words   |  8 Pagesparties and stated that the buyer would purchase the machine after its approval from the two engineers named in the agreement. One of those engineers subsequently approved the machine and the other one did not. So the buyer refused to comply with the terms stated in the agreement on grounds that since condition precedent to the formation of agreement (i.e., the machine’s approval by the engineers) was not met, a contract cannot be said to have occur. The seller sued the buyer for specific performanceRead MoreCommon Law Offer and Acceptance4477 Words   |  18 PagesPage 1 of 13 The Principles of Contract This section discusses the factors that are vital to the formation of a valid contract: in legal terminology, offer, acceptance, consideration, and the intention to create a legal relationship. It then looks at the contents of the contract, the terms included by the parties and those implied by statute or the courts. The law of contract is of enormous complexity and the following material may be likened to a landscape painted with a ten-inch brush. EveryRead MoreThere are Four Types of Insovency: Voluntary Arrangements, Bankruptcy , Administration and Winding-up2923 Words   |  12 PagesThis essay aims to describe whether the law provides protection for the creditors who are not secured where the buyer becomes insolvent, and if the secured creditors can benefit from the retention of title clause or floating charge. Insolvency is the legal term that describes the situation where a debtor, which is usually a business or a person, is not able to pay his debts when they are due or in the usual course of business . Insolvency occurs from cash flow and recession. There are four mainRead MorePrivity and Law of Contract5771 Words   |  24 PagesContents QUESTION -1 3 The Doctrine of Privity 3 The meaning, history and evolution of the doctrine 3 Relationship between privity and consideration 4 Privity under different laws 5 PRIVITY AND THE LAW OF AGENCY 5 Privity and Agency by Estoppels or Holding out 6 Privity when Sub-agents or Substitute agents are appointed 6 PRIVITY AND THE LAW OF PARTNERSHIP 7 Privity and the act of civil and criminal liability of partners 8 Privity and the liability for holding out 8 PRIVITY AND THERead MoreThe Swot Analysis For Starbucks1359 Words   |  6 Pagescompany price its items in the premium to the centre levels of the business portion which places its items outside the budget of numerous working buyers who want to continuous McDonald’s and different outlets for their coffee rather than Starbucks. (Refer appendix 1.4 for Opportunity and Weakness) For SWOT analysis refer: ( ) Value chain is very important for a company. It contains two parts Primary activities and Supporting activities. PRIMARY ACTIVITESRead MoreCase Review of Mohamad Syedol Arifin V. Yeoh Ooi Gark5368 Words   |  22 PagesCase Comment on Mohamad Syedol Arifin v. Yeoh Ooi Gark TABLE OF CONTENTS INDEX OF AUTHORITIES ii Table Of Stautes ii List Of Abbrevations ii List Of Cases ii 1. INTRODUCTION 1 1.1. Research Methodology 3 1.2. Research Plan 3 2. FACTS OF THE CASE 5 3. ISSUES OF CASE 6 4. CONTENTIONS 7 4.1 The Appellant 7 4.2 The Respondent 7 5. JUDGMENT OF THE CASE 9 5.1 At Trial Court 9 5.2 At The Court Of Appeal (HIGH COURT) 9 5.3 At The Privy Council Of Straits Settlements 9 6. COMMENT ONRead MoreStandard Form Contracts3008 Words   |  13 Pagesand to what extent, courts should enforce standard form contracts. On one hand, they undeniably fulfill an important role of promoting economic efficiency. Standard form contracting reduces transaction costs substantially by precluding the need for buyers and sellers of goods and services to negotiate the many details of a sale contract each time the product is sold. On the other hand, there is the potential for inefficient, and even unjust, terms to be accepted by signatories to these contracts. Such

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The Crucible Hunger For Power And Respect During The Trials

The phrase â€Å"Salem Witch Trials† conjures images of death, misguided power, and superstition. By the end of the trials, the death toll included: nineteen people hanged, one pressed to death, and seven dead in prison, not to mention the havoc wrought on the lives of hundreds of citizens of Salem. The Crucible embodies the theme of hunger for power and respect during the trials. Throughout history, most cultures have favored the power of men over women. This proves no exception in 17th century Salem. The deprivation of any power from women and girls in Salem in the 1600s made gaining authority and respect from men a primary goal. Women, seen as minorities, cared for the children and completed household chores without help. Prevailing culture groomed young girls into submissiveness and a strict code of conduct. In The Crucible, craving a higher status resulted in mass hysteria and the constant accusations of various supposed witches. By accusing others of witchcraft, the girls in this story felt a sense of control that they never experienced before. Once the girls saw how their actions shocked and frightened the community, they immediately lusted for more. Girls found the sense of power absolutely addicting. Several of the women and girls in The Crucible exhibit these actions, prominently Abigail Williams. The Crucible is a tale taking place in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. In the story, Reverend Parris witnesses a group of girls performing a mysterious ritual inShow MoreRelatedCeramics: Pottery and Clay17443 Words   |  70 Pagesreduction and oxidation were used to reduce iron to Black iron. This work was extremely refined and detailed - very smooth surfaces with fine lines painted with single haired brushes were common. Much of this work is found in Italy when it was imported during the Roman Empire. Greek Hydra: 533 B.C. Earthenware with slip decoration. Greek Kylex: 520 B.C. Earthenware with slip decoration Africa The African continent has a complicated history that is probably the least understood ofRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesPerception and Individual Decision Making 165 Motivation Concepts 201 Motivation: From Concepts to Applications 239 3 The Group 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Foundations of Group Behavior 271 Understanding Work Teams 307 Communication 335 Leadership 367 Power and Politics 411 Conflict and Negotiation 445 Foundations of Organization Structure 479 v vi BRIEF CONTENTS 4 The Organization System 16 Organizational Culture 511 17 Human Resource Policies and Practices 543 18 Organizational Change

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Interisland Journeys to Various Factualâ€Free Samples for Students

Question: Discuss About the Interisland Journeys to Various Factual? Answer: Introducation: On April 28, 1988, a Boeing 737-200, N73711, functioned by Aloha Airlines Company as voyage 243(Gebman 2009.), had been planned for quite a few interisland journeys to various destinations in Hawaii. As soon as the plane was journeying at 24,000 feet, 25 miles southeast of the Hawaiian isle of Maui (McEvily 2013), on the way from Hilo to Honolulu, the plane encountered a mechanical dereliction and an incendiary decompression. Roughly the explosion occurred 18 feet from the chalet crust and close to the structure at the rear of the cabin entry. Also, the passenger floor disconnected from the plane in amidst of the flight. Approximately one-third of its rooftop was blown off. The airplane contained 89 travelers as well as 6 flight attendants on board. One crewmember was ejected from the airplane while standing adjacent to the fifth-row seats and was also the only casualty in the mishap. Seven passengers and one airplane assistant were severely incapacitated. Passengers were all seated in their seats and seat belt signs by this time were illuminating as depressurization occurred. Theaeronaut took over and directed the airplane to the nearest airport where he executed an emergency alight at Kahului Airport located Maui(Miyagi 2005). The safe landing in spite of the significant mechanical damage made it a momentous occurrence in the flight history. As soon as the airplane landed, the crew promptly ordered the plane's emergencyevacuation slidesand removed passengers from the airplane hurriedly. Tompkins aided passengers to come down from the evacuation slide. A total of 65 passengers were announced wounded, and eight people were in a critical condition. Meanwhile, Maui had no plan hence not prepared for a tragedy of this type. The tour vans from Akamai Tours took the injured to the hospital since the island had inadequate ambulances(Bibel 2008.). The incident was considered a potential game changer that possibly will revitalize the air company business. The vulnerabi lity of the lap joint of the Boeing 737, which flopped in the accident, is under discussion for many centuries. The Human Factors Issues Related To The Conduct Of Maintenance Human factors contribute significantly to the maintenance of aircraft industry. Their undertakings will affect working environment in different ways. Several human aspects contributed to the fatal accident that involved Aloha flight 243 in April 1988 (R D Campbell, M Bagshaw; Wiley InterScience 2002). The mishap involving Aloha flight 243 in April 1988 was caused by all over a sudden explosion that ripped away the 18 feet upper cabin structure. This was as a result of structural failure. Some of the human factors that contributed to the mishap include: Maintenance And Inspection Deficiencies Before the departure, the Boeing 737 was examined by two engineering inspectors, as required by US rules(Berntsen 2004). Both the inspectors had worked for quite some years though they lacked enough experience. The first captain reported working with a dispatch from the office around 5:00 AM Hawaiian actual time in the AA Operations Amenity. Immediately after acquainting himself with the aeronautical record process, he progressed to the AA parking pinafore and carried out the pre voyage checkup as obligated by organization rules before conducting the first voyage of that particular day. The Captain indicated that the aircraft maintenance record statement had been signed hence there existed no open departures. Afterward, he organized the cockpit for the exterior segment of the pre-voyage, departed the aircraft in the predawning nightfall, and executed the optical external assessment on the lighted pinafore. He indicated that everything was okay and he found nothing unusual henceforth he was contented that the aircraft was ready for the journey(Eduardo Salas; Daniel E Maurino 2010). Neither of the officers found cracks in the inspection though post-mishap scrutinizes showed there were around240 fractures on the surface of this airplane during the duration the two staff members were caring out inspection. This indicates that both the officers did not keenly inspect the plane before the flight hence the reason they couldn't see the defaults of the aircraft before the departure. Lack Of Communication Secondly, there were no proper communications between the two officers on duty and the Honolulu Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC). The first officer reported that she had adjusted the transponder to crisis cryptogram 7700 and tried to alert Honolulu Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) that the aircraft was averting to Maui (Calomfirescu 2008). She could not perceive any radio communication because of the level of noise produced by the cockpit hence she was not certain if the Honolulu ARTCC received the message. Failure to communicate effectively resulted to a crisis alighting at Kahului Airport located in Maui. Moreover, subsequently to the incident, amongst of passengers started that when she was embarking into the plane using the jet passage at Hilo, she noticed a longitudinal fuselage around the top row of bolts adjacent to the S-10L lap joint, in the middle of the compartment entry and the verge of the airliner bridge hood. She never revealed anything concerning the r econnaissance she made to the flight team or the airline ground staffs. Insufficient Or Incorrect Weather Information Besides, the flight was conducted in a visual metrological condition(Bos 2009.). This contributed significantly to cause the accident because there was no consultation from significant meteorological information (SIGMET) or airman's meteorological information (AIRMET) along the scheduled route of flight. There are several undertakings which might have been implemented in an attempt to reduce the possibility of the sustenance faults leading to the occurrence: for instance, to avoid such an occurrence, several measures could have put into practice. For example, the technicians and the captains involved in aircraft industry should be highly educated and trained. This aids to performs a sophisticated test and interpret results. Aloha Airlines training records revealed that the formal training provided in the NDI techniques was not enough. Besides, there should be effective communication among the flight crew. The welfare panel approves that it is essential to uphold effective communicati on amongst the constructor as well as the operator. This is because the manufacturer entails information concerning the performance of the airplane and its state in the operation so as to resolve challenges and provide proper actions to the technician. This creates teamwork and as a result chances of accidents tend to be minimal. AA Compliance With Service Bulletins And Airworthiness Directives Relevant To The Incident A Service Bulletin is a manuscript used in the manufacturing industries of aircraft components to communicate particulars of modification which can be embodied in aircraft. Sometimes Service Bulletin may be issued as mandatory. In this case, a conforming Airworthiness Directive will be issued by the appropriate NAA. The service bulletin report provides a number of authorizations concerning the accidents. For instance, according to the Service Bulletin(Michaelis 2007), specialist learning institutions as well as the certifying of airframe and power plant technicalities to necessitate that the program and testing necessities comprise of contemporary aeronautics industry technology. AA should have provided an accurate direction as well as appropriate engineering assistance to the Principle Maintenance Inspector. This helps in assessing improvement of air company maintenance programs and processes. Besides, Service Bulleting revises the ruling governing the accreditation of flight school s which specialize in the maintenance of mechanic and also certifying of airframe and power plant technicalities to entail that the course and preparation necessities comprise of up-to-date information concerning aviation industry (United States. Office of the Federal Register.; National Archives (U.S.); United States. National Archives and Records Service.; United States. National Archives and Records Administration. 2008). SB also requires an operator to offer thorough training programs to personnel in the field of maintenance and inspection. The training should be specific on the circumstances through which visual inspections should be practiced. The operators should also frequently test staffs on their expertise on how to detect the defined shortcomings. Also, the SB revises the National Aviation Safety Inspection Program (NASIP) objectives(Mal 2000) which entail that inspector should consider not only the paperwork trajectory but also the definite situation of airplanes going t hrough repairs. The AA should have Checked with your maintenance department to approve that the required Service Bulletins concerning to their transponder model had been complied with correctly. Also, the AA should have also checked with support section that those EASA Airworthiness Directive(Alan M Russell; Kok Loong Lee 2005) and Service Bulletins that were suitable for the operation of their aircraft and transponder had been complied with. Shortcomings That Contributed To The Accident The possible source of AA mishap was the negligence of the AA sustenance program to identify the existence of substantial disbanding and exhaustion destruction, which eventually resulted to dereliction of the lap joint (Ben-Yosef 2005) and also the split-up of the fuselage higher part. Contributory to the mishap was the letdown of Aloha Air company supervision to administer its conservation role suitably and also as a result of the recklessness of the FAA to assess the AA management's program appropriately(Stich 2010) and also to evaluate the air company assessment and quality supervision deficits. Additionally subsidizing to the occurrence of AA, was the dereliction of the AA to involve AD 87-21-08 investigation of each lap joints as suggested by Boeing Alert Service Bulletin SB 737-53A1039. Correspondingly, as a result of deprivation of inclusive laying off actions which were neither created by Boeing nor essential to the AA. This was as soon as the disclosure of primary manufactur ing problems in the 737 taciturn link lap joint, which brought about reduced bond permanence, deterioration, and untimely exhaustion splits. The AA support program utilized a D-check(Bibel 2008) (substantial support and review check) interim of 15,000 flight-hours, which seems a suitable contrast to the 20,000 voyage hour interims endorsed by Boeing. Though, because of the abnormally diminutive airlifts in the AA voyage program, flight-cycles remained accrued at around double the percentage that Boeing deliberated at the time it delivered its upkeep endorsements. In hassled fuselage configuration, the start of exhaustion splits as well as the resulting level of split development are prevailed through the amassing of flying cycles and not voyage-hours. The reality was not adequately considered after the Aloha Air company support scheme was delivered and after that affirmed by the FAA (some conservation assignment ought to have remained extra continuous). The D-check idea, as per proposed in Boeing's Maintenance Planning Document(Power-Waters 2008), devises every airplane in the check designed for a convincing period, frequently in a week. AA disjoints the D-check into 52 single work parcels. The instantaneous B-checks encompassed of segments of D-check things. NTSB expressed that this practice was an unsuitable approach to survey the general state of a plane. Besides, it was evident to both the preservation and investigation workforce that every plane would be required in an entirely functioning position to attain subsequent day's flight program. After investigations of the post-mishap occurrence, it was found that the S-4R lap joint had been investigated and renovated as obligated by AD 87-21-08. Though, an optical investigation of the mischance concerning the AA airplane revealed splits developing from the clasp openings of the upper row of bolts. Additional investigation indicated that these splits ought to be perceptible by the swirl modern investigations which were needed by the AD during the period when the AD was refined. Aloha Commercial airline preparation proceedings exposed that diminutive official teaching was delivered in NDI systems and strategies. It is not recognized whether the swirl existing checkups were unproductively accomplished or if they were accomplished at all as certification was requiring. After the mishap, chromatic assessment of the outer parts of the airliners in the Aloha Commercial airline 737 armada was carried out. Swelling and distended of skin, dished clasp heads, pulled or popped bolts, and rankling, scaling, and detaching paint were existing at many locales along the lap joints of nearly each plane. As indicated by the NTSB, AA did not provide confirmation that it had set up precise Spartan working location as well as regulation initiatives as delineated in the Boeing Commercial Jet Corrosion Prevention Manual. The NTSB observed that it seemed that even after Aloha Air company staffs detected deterioration in the lap joints and tear straps(S N Atluri; S G Sampath; Pin Tong 2000), the consequence of the harm as well as its significance to lap joint reliability, tear strap purpose, and the general plane airworthiness and working order had not acknowledged. In additionally, it was noticed that the general state of the Aloha Air company armada showed that the li ne maintenance and pilots workforces came to agree to take the exemplary indications of continuing erosion destruction as a common working situation. After the occurrence, two airplanes in the rest of Airline's armada (N73713 and N73712) were resolved to be past economic renovation and were vended for parts and scrap. The mishap airplane, N73711, was similarly scrapped. Conclusion It is seen that despite the fact that the AA worked according to the directive and protocols of FAA, the greatness of the AA assessment and supporting program was denied. There was no indication of previous disillusionment or breaking down of the planes air conditioning, inflated, pressurization or the electrical framework that might have added to the fuselage obstruction. The fuselage letdown initiated in the lap joint along s-10L was due to numerous sit exhaustion splitting of the skin contiguous to the bolt gaps along the lap joint upper bolt line(I Milne; R O Ritchie; B L Karihaloo 2003) and tear strap disband which nullified the safeguard distinctive of the fuselage. The exhaustion breaking started from the blade edge related with the countersunk lap joint bolt gaps, the knife edge concerted strains that were exchanged through the fasteners due to the lap joint disbanding. It was not decided if AA played out the constant swirl current assessment in acquiescence with Airworthines s Directive or it was performed unsuccessfully. Afterward, an appropriately conducted surge assessment performed as per Airworthiness Directive(Board. 2000) revealed that there were other weak splits in the gaps of the upper bolt line of the lap joint. AA supervision neglected to perceive the human performance factors of investigation and to thoroughly stimulate and pay attention to their superintendent force towards the fundamental nature of lap joint investigation, erosion control and split recognition. However, records of the armada -full split anticipated by the FAA after the Aloha Airlines mishap showed that a relation absence of critical consideration to lap joint review and weariness crack recognition was a corporation-wide challenge. The Principle Maintenance Inspector (PMI) allocated to AA, though enthused towards his reconnaissance duty, was overworked with other FSDO obligations and not appropriately well-versed about the age and the state of the Aloha armada. He was thus incapable of providing adequate inducement to impact necessary, timely enhancements in the AA management program. From the occurrence of AA mishap, it is also advisable to revise the rules and regulation governing the accreditation of aeronautics maintenance engineering schools and the certifying of airframe and power plant system to entail that the course and testing necessities contain up-to-date aviation industry information. Besides, it is required for the management to offer comprehensive teaching programs for the conservation and investigating employees concerning the state under which visual investigation must be practiced. Operators are also obligated to occasionally test employees on their capability to distinguish the demarcated shortcomings. In addition, it is important to develop a perfect program for a wide-ranging erosion control program to be encompassed in every operators permitted repairs Programme. Also, developing a permanent investigation program for those B-737 planes that entail amalgamated lap joint terminating action to identify any weariness splitting that might progress in the interior or inferior rows of the fuselage lap joint clasp gaps or the contiguous split strap clasp holes and outline the sort of assessment, examination intervals, as well as counteractive actions required aimed at permanent airworthiness(Gebman 2009.) References Alan M Russell; Kok Loong Lee 2005, Structure-property relations in nonferrous metals, eBook edn, NJ : John Wiley, Hoboken. Ben-Yosef, E 2005, The evolution of the US airline industry : theory, strategy and policy, eBook edn, Springer, Dordrecht. Berntsen, KJ 2004, The patient's guide to preventing medical errors, Print book edn, Praeger, Westport, Conn. Bibel, GD 2008, Beyond the black box : the forensics of airplane crashes, eBook edn, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. Bibel, GD 2008., Beyond the black box : the forensics of airplane crashes, eBook edn, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. Board., USNTS 2000, Aircraft accident report : Aloha Airlines, flight 243 Boeing 737-200, N73711, near Maui, Hawaii April 28, 1988., Print book edn, The Board ; [Springfield, Va] : [Available through National Technical Information Service], Washington, D.C. Bos, MJ 2009., ICAF 2009, bridging the gap between theory and operational practice : proceedings of the 25th symposium of the International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 27-29 May 2009, Print book edn, Springer, cop, Dordrecht. Calomfirescu, M 2008, Lamb waves for structural health monitoring in viscoelastic composite materials, Thesis/dissertation edn, Univ., Diss.--Bremen, Berlin : Logos. Eduardo Salas; Daniel E Maurino 2010, Human factors in aviation, Print book edn, Academic Press/Elsevier, Amsterdam ; Boston. Gebman, JR 2009., Challenges and issues with the further aging of U.S. Air Force aircraft : policy options for effective life-cycle management of resources, Print book: CD for computer : Document Computer File : English edn, Santa Monica, RAND. Gebman, JR 2009., Challenges and issues with the further aging of U.S. Air Force aircraft : policy options for effective life-cycle management of resources, Print book edn, CA : RAND, Santa Monica. I Milne; R O Ritchie; B L Karihaloo 2003, Comprehensive structural integrity, eBook edn, Elsevier/Pergamon, Amsterdam ; Boston. Is it safe? : why flying commercial airliners is still a risky business, AWCBDAI:TBML, Is it safe? : why flying commercial airliners is still a risky business, and what can be done about it : this book may save your life! Mal, AK 2000, Nondestructive evaluation of aging aircraft, airports, and aerospace hardware IV : 7 - 8 March 2000, Newport Beach, California, Print book edn, Wash. SPIE, Bellingham. McEvily, AJ [2013], Metal failures : mechanisms, analysis, prevention, 2nd edn, Hoboken, New Jersey. Michaelis, S 2007, Aviation contaminated air reference manual, Print book edn, S. Michaelis, England. Miyagi, M 2005, Serious accidents and human factors : breaking the chain of events leading to an accident : lessons learned from the aviation industry, Print book edn, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Reston, Va. Power-Waters, B 2008, Is it safe? : why flying commercial airliners is still a risky business, and what can be done about it : this book may save your life!, Print book edn, iUniverse, New York. R D Campbell; M Bagshaw; Wiley InterScience 2002, Human performance and limitations in aviation, eBook edn, Malden, MA : Blackwell Science ; Ames, Iowa : [US distributor] Iowa State University Press, Oxford. S N Atluri; S G Sampath; Pin Tong 2000, Structural Integrity of Aging Airplanes, eBook edn, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg. Stich, R 2010, History of U.S. Aviation Disasters1950 to 9/11, Print book edn, Silverpeak Publ, New York. United States. Office of the Federal Register.; National Archives (U.S.); United States. National Archives and Records Service.; United States. National Archives and Records Administration. 2008, Federal register., Journal, magazine edn, Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., distributor, Washington, D.C.

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Apple Inc. Smartphones strategic marketing plan

Summary Apple Inc. is one of the telecommunication firms specializing in the production of high technological electronic products, computer hardware, and software. The company products include personal computers, media devices, mobile communication, and portable-digital music players.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Apple Inc. Smartphones strategic marketing plan specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Within the mobile communications category, the company has launched into the market variety of iphone and other android Smartphones that has significantly hit the world Smartphones market. Currently, the Smartphone market share is valued at approximately five billion dollars with Apple products claiming 1.6 billion dollars, second after the Samsung products. The Smartphones market is expected to grow in the next five years, approximately an increase of 0.55% annually. Apple market share is robust with expected growth of 1.67% annually. Apple Inc. brands are highly welcomed by majority of young generation particularly those between the ages of 16-40 years. The company has adopted social media marketing as the major strategy to reach the target market. However, the market is highly competitive with similar products being introduced into the market by the competitors. Marketing objectives Apple Inc. will focus the delivery of Smartphones to the small businesses as the major market segment. The high-end small businesses that value services, support and knowledge are clearly differentiated in the market segmented. Within the market segment, the objectives of the marketing mix includes To ensure sales increase by 40% To ensure increase in the sales margin by more than 20% To ensure increase in the total Smartphones by 55% The marketing mix strategies particularly the price and distribution differentiations are aimed at attaining the set objectives. However, the major aim of the company is to increa se its market share and the products brand awareness. Social media provides an avenue through which the company can achieve its major objectives (Dobele et al., 2005). Apples Smartphones positioning The company will be using various marketing mix strategies to ensure that the new Smartphones are positioned in the market. Included in the market skimming strategies are product and pricing strategies, placing strategies, and promotional strategies (Mangold Faulds, 2009). The marketing mix strategies will majorly be implemented through the application of social media platforms.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Marketing mix The product strategies There are varieties of Smartphones that the company has introduced into the market. The innovative capabilities of the firm have enabled the development and manufacture of new Smartphones, offering varied choices for customers. Mor eover, the company Smartphones’ auxiliary functions have been improved to suit the customer needs and bring convenience, a mixture of value and quality. Intense competition in the industry requires that the company enhance the product differentiation through design, timeliness, affordability, form, conformance quality, durability and style. Most importantly, the company has succeeded in becoming pacesetter in the provision of Smartphones in terms of both application and design. The innovative and well-designed Smartphones fitted with the latest software such as the android continue to appeal and satisfy the customers’ needs. in essence, the company has achieved the competitive advantage through the application of its technological knowhow (Porter, M 2001). Objectives To increase the availability of the products to the customers by 25% To maintain products available in most of the apple outlets at 25% To improve product quality by 65% The objectives will be attained t hrough increasing the varied quantity of Smartphones available to the customers. The product strategy will be attained through increasing the products presence in the website and other social networking sites, increasing the number of online stores as well as enabling the online orders. Action plan Objective Duration Budget ($) Implementation Building a products website with enhanced features Six months 5500 Information technology department Feeding the company social networking sites with products of enhanced quality Six months 4900 Information technology department Developing new online stores Nine months 7700 Information technology department However, the contingency plans will ensure that the actions attain the required objectives. The distribution strategies The major aim of the distribution of placing strategy is to ensure that the products reach the customers at the right time and place. For the company Smartphones to reach the customers at the right place and tim e, apple Inc. will utilize the most convenient, fast and less expensive distribution channel (Dziri, 2011).Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Apple Inc. Smartphones strategic marketing plan specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Moreover, prior shipment arrangement for overseas markets will be made available, easier and cheaper to increase the movement of the products. In particular, the company will increase the number of stores by opening new stores in strategic places where customers can be served conveniently. In addition, the number of retail outlets will also be increased to ensure that most of the customers are reached. Significantly, the company should increase its online stores to ensure that online buyers can easily get the products. Significantly, the company will adopt the business to customer distribution channel in order to directly deal with its customers. Direct interaction with the customers will b e critical in knowing the customer needs, which leads to the development of the suitable products that suit the market expectations (Kotler Armstrong, 2013). Moreover, the direct sales of the Smartphones will lead to the expanded market share. However, the company stores both physical and online are still limited. Therefore, the company should expand its distribution stores to reach all manner of customers. Objectives of the distribution strategies To increase the availability of the products to the customers To increase the market share To position the Smartphones into the market Action plan to attain the pricing objective Action duration Budget ($) Implementation Increasing social media presence Four months 4500 Sales/IT department Developing new online stores 1 year 10600 Sales/IT department Pricing strategy As expected, the quality and value addition attract high prices. However, the company Smartphones’ prices are middle-high with some gargets targeting high -end customers while others are made for low and middle incomers. The high-quality low-prices strategy will be applied particularly to outperform the competitors (Solomon, 2012). In addition, the product and pricing strategy will be aimed at widening the spectrum of customers the company is targeting. Before, the company was targeting customers at high-income level. Nevertheless, with the entry of more competitors the company will be forced to widen its scope and capture middle and low-income clientele.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Objectives of the pricing strategy To attract and retain customers To attain at least 5% net margin The actions in the pricing strategies are aimed at attaining both the objectives particularly price discrimination in terms of place and class or the target market. Essentially, pricing strategies are aimed at increasing the products’ competitiveness as well as widening the customer base (Dibb Simkin, 2008). In other words, the pricing strategies are aimed at increasing the market share as well as profit margins. The promotion strategies The company will be most active in its promotional undertakings. The aim of the promotional strategy is to enable the Smartphones brands become a worldwide recognizable logo. In the promotional strategy, apple will utilize various basic techniques to reach the customers. The promotion techniques the company will be utilizing include advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotions (Muniz Schau, 2007). However, the compan y will majorly utilize innovative advertising to attract and inform the customers about the company products both in mass and digital media. Apple Inc. will be investing in both mainstream and social media advertising to increase awareness of the products to many customers. Besides social media, the brand awareness will also be improved through innovative advertising in mass media particularly in television and technology magazines (Nijssen Frambach, 2000). Most of the company products will also be advertised in the company websites as well as the sites of collaborative companies. The major objective of advertising is to increase brand awareness of the company products to the target users. Besides, the company will uses corporate social responsibility to appeal to many people as a method of maintaining its public relations. The success of the company on public relations improves the company goodwill and attracts the public attention (Bradley, 2013). Further, the company provides sp ecial offers as a good way to stimulate and retain its customer’s loyalty. The company will also extensively apply personal selling. The apple store sales representatives fully trained on the company’s product information will be responsible for the provision of excellent customer services. Objectives To increase brand awareness of the company products to the target users To attract and inform its customers about the company products To make the company appealing to many people and attract the public attention To stimulate and retain the customer loyalty The action plan to achieve the objectives Action Duration Budget Implementation Advertising 3 years 7900 Sales department Sales promotion 3 years 8400 Sales department Social responsibility 3 years 10200 Sales department Personal selling 3 years 6800 Sales department Most of the promotional actions results in the achievement of several objectives. For instance, sales promotion will result in increasing the product awareness as well as maintaining the customer’s loyalty. In essence, the promotional mix techniques will result in the attainment of several objectives. Recommendations regarding the marketing mix strategies Even though the company is utilizing appropriate marketing mix, the activities should be within the stated budgets. In addition, all the marketing mix strategies should be aimed at achieving the stated goals and objectives. The company should also be innovative and cost effective while implementing the pricing, place, communication and product strategies (Loudon Wrenn, 2006). While recognizing the budgeted costs and the set objectives, the company should ensure the utilization of the technological capabilities to develop unique products that meet the needs of the market. In essence, the product mix should ensure that the company differentiates its products in terms of augmented value, placing and pricing (McDonald Wilson, 2011). In other words, the company s hould ensure that the products have additional value beyond the expectations of the customers. Moreover, the products should be placed at the customers’ convenience. Generally, product differentiation in terms of form, features, performance quality, durability, reliability, style and design are critical for the company amid intense competition (Payne McDonald, 2012). Time-lines and contingency plans The marketing mix strategies should be implemented within three years. However, some of the elements in the marketing plan will be implemented regularly. The attainment of the specific marketing objectives will tracked through the percentage changes in the general objectives of the plan. Marketing mix strategies Duration Budget ($) Implementation Department Product 1 year 20500 Sales Distribution 1.5 Years 23,500 Sales/services Price 3years 28,700 Sales/ department Promotion 3years 35,900 Sales department As indicated the results of the strategies will be evaluated carefully within specific period. In case the set objectives are not attained, new strategies will be created to enable the attainment of the set objectives. However, the company will ensure that the products are positioned as number one it the Smartphones market. Customer retention, loyalty and repeat business As indicated, Apple Inc. faces stiff competition from various technology firms as well as search engines such as Google that are currently producing Smartphones. Therefore, pricing differentiation strategy provides critical competitive advantage. Apart from the product range, the firm should also have the right price for the Smartphones to encourage the purchase of products so that the company can realize increased profits (Cole, 2013). In essence, price is a critical element in the marketing mix since it creates sales revenue. Price is not only used in the marketing mix but also in the product development as well as customer maintenance. Further, the firm marketing managemen t should realize that creating right marketing mix also involves offering the products at the right place and time (Vollmer Precourt, 2008). In other words, clients should get the products when are in need and at the most convenient place. Since customers are very sensitive to the prices, the company should adopt the business to customer distribution channel. Business to customer distribution channel enhances direct contacts with clientele and reduces the distribution costs that would negatively affect prices of products (Wernerfelt, 2004). In other words, the company should open stores near their target customers to ensure direct distribution of the products (Zikmund Babin, 2010). References Bradley, N 2013, Marketing research: tools and techniques, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Cole, A 2013, The implications of consumer behavior for marketing: A case study of social class, GRIN Verlag, Munich. Dibb,S Simkin, L 2008, Marketing planning: a workbook for marketing managers, Ceng age Learning, Farmington Hills, MI. Dobele, A, Toleman, D Beverland, M 2005, â€Å"Controlled infection! spreading the brand message through viral marketing,† Business Horizons, vol.48 no.2, pp.143—149. Dziri, R 2011, Avoiding strategic Drifts in a hypercompetitive market: analysis of apple’s position in the mobile phone industry and suggestions, GRIN Verlag, Munich. Kotler, P Armstrong, G 2013, Principles of marketing, Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, NJ. Loudon, D Wrenn, B 2006, Marketing planning guide, Routledge, London. Mangold, WG Faulds, DJ 2009, â€Å"Social media: the new hybrid element of the promotion mix,† Business Horizons, vol.52 no.11, pp.357—365. McDonald, M Wilson, H 2011, Marketing plans: how to prepare them, how to use them, John Wiley Sons, Hoboken, NJ. Muniz, AM Schau, HJ 2007, â€Å"Vigilante marketing and consumer-created communications,† Journal of Advertising, vol.36 no.3, pp.35—50. Nijssen, E Fr ambach, R 2000, Creating customer value through strategic marketing planning: a management approach. Springer, New York. Payne, A McDonald, M 2012, Marketing planning for services, Routledge, London. Porter, M 2001, Competitive strategy techniques for analysing industries competitors, The Free Press, New York. Solomon, MR 2012, Consumer behavoir; Buying, having, and being, Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, NJ. Vollmer, C Precourt, G 2008, Always on: advertising, marketing, and media in an era of consumer control, McGraw-Hill, New York, NY. Wernerfelt, B 2004, â€Å"A resource-based view of the firm,† Strategic Management Journal vol.5 no.2, pp.171–180. Zikmund, WG Babin, B 2010, Exploring marketing research, Thomson South-Western, Mason, Ohio. This assessment on Apple Inc. Smartphones strategic marketing plan was written and submitted by user Shatterstar to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Common Ground in Rhetoric - Definition and Examples

Common Ground in Rhetoric s In rhetoric and communication, common ground is a basis of mutual interest or agreement thats found or established in the course of an argument. Finding common ground is an essential aspect of conflict resolution and a key to ending disputes peacefully. Examples and Observations Whereas ancient rhetoricians seemed confident that they shared common ground with their audiences, modern rhetorical writers must often discover common ground. . . . In our pluralistic world where we often do not share values, readers and authors work to find the common ground that allows them to communicate and interpret judgments, evaluations, and emotions.(Wendy Olmsted, Rhetoric: An Historical Introduction. Blackwell, 2006)Buried deep within the heart of every conflict lies a territory known as Common Ground. But how do we summon the courage to seek out its borders?(The Control Voice in Tribunal. The Outer Limits, 1999)Only in a situation of actual revolution . . . could one say that there is no common ground among participants in a controversy.(David Zarefsky, A Skeptical View of Movement Studies. Central States Speech Journal, Winter 1980)The Rhetorical SituationOne possibility for defining common ground . . . is a shift from that which is already shared, to that which is not s haredbut which could potentially become shared, or if not shared then at least understood, once we open up the paradigm to include that act of listening to each other as part of the common ground of rhetorical exchange. . . .Common ground presumes that, no matter what our individual positions, we do share a common interest in both individual and social growth, a willingness to enter into the rhetorical situation with an open mind, to consider, to hear, to ask questions, to make contributions. It is out of such commonalities that we forge new competencies, new understandings, new identities . . ..(Barbara A. Emmel, Common Ground and (Re)Defanging the Antagonistic, in Dialogue and Rhetoric, ed. by Edda Weigand. John Benjamins, 2008) Common Ground in Classical Rhetoric: Shared OpinionPerhaps the least equivocal vision of  common ground is  found in  rhetorical  theories- which stress stylistic appropriateness and audience-adaptation. In antiquity, rhetorics were often handbooks of commonplaces- common topics appropriate for general audiences. The idea was that it takes agreement to get agreement. Aristotle thus saw common ground as shared opinion, the underlying unity that makes enthymemes possible. Enthymemes are rhetorical syllogisms trading on the listeners ability to supply premises to a speakers claims. The common ground between speaker and listener is a cognitive unity: The said calls up the unsaid, and together the speaker and listener create a common syllogism.(Charles Arthur Willard,  Liberalism and the Problem of Knowledge: A New Rhetoric for Modern Democracy. The University of Chicago Press, 1996)The New Rhetoric of Chaim PerelmanIt sometimes seems as if two opposing views are so different th at no common ground can be found. Strangely enough, exactly when two groups hold radically opposing views, common ground is likely to exist. When two political parties strongly advocate different economic policies, we may assume that both parties are deeply concerned about the economic welfare of the country. When the prosecution and the defense in a legal case differ fundamentally on the matter of guilt or innocence, one can start by saying that both wish to see justice done. Of course, fanatics and skeptics will seldom be persuaded of anything.(Douglas Lawrie, Speaking to Good Effect: An introduction to the Theory and Practice of Rhetoric. SUN PReSS, 2005) Kenneth Burkes Concept of IdentificationWhen rhetoric and composition scholarship invokes identification, it most commonly cites Kenneth Burkes modern theory of consubstantial common ground. As a place for rhetorical listening, however, Burkes concept of identification is limited. It does not adequately address the coercive force of common ground that often haunts cross-cultural communication, nor does it adequately address how to identify and negotiate troubled identifications; moreover, it does not address how to identify and negotiate conscious identifications functioning as ethical and political choices.(Krista Ratcliffe, Rhetorical Listening: Identification, Gender, Whiteness. SIU Press, 2005)

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Customer Service-Customer Friendly Website-discussion Personal Statement

Customer Service-Customer Friendly Website-discussion - Personal Statement Example in order to attract customers and make them stay and shop. The website should have good navigation which actually means simple and not overloaded navigation (Singh). First, Shirts Shop website has simple color scheme in white and navy with no violent colors, thus the content on the website is rather readable. The company’s logo is also rather simple and laconic. When coming to the website’s home page, the customer sees the popups demonstrating and drawing attention to the most interesting propositions to date. The navigation is very simple with the main goods’ categories located in the line in the upper part of the page. The goods offered on the website are supplied with comprehensive description and high-quality photos (including demonstration photos of aprons on models). All the contact information of the company is put at the bottom of every page. Moreover, to my thinking, the website is accessible for every user, the fonts are highly readable, and the speed o f its operation is rather high. Taking into account these characteristics, this website can be claimed to be